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We believe that every corporate, every brand, every client has a public and today’s public is more powerful than ever before. They have the power to topple CEOs, reshape corporate and brand strategy, influence government policy, kill products and create unicorns. Today’s public demands truth, transparency and the highest behavioral standards.

Our client obsession means constantly evolving new products + services to help clients and the public communicate. Always in Beta.

Our belief is that brands with a clear, authentic purpose, and performance strategies aligned to business objectives are most likely to succeed.


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Most brands today understand the importance of sustainability in business, however knowing where to start and how to implement the right initiatives can be daunting and therefore often postponed.


H+K Better Impact™ is a performance strategy designed to help businesses and brands understand how they can effectively and with authenticity integrate responsible initiatives into their business and growth strategies, empowering them to have a better impact on people and the planet.


Framed around the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the Global Reporting index (GRI), our service includes a Better Impact™ Score, which identifies which of the global sustainability goals most align with the business’ purpose, values, and offerings. 


Through discovery sessions and conversations with the brand, H+K’s Better Impact™ consultants help develop responsible initiatives and communication plans that help brands implement, own and convey their sustainability programs with credibility, authenticity and real impact.