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Doconomy - DO:Black

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Doconomy approached H+K with the challenge of positioning them as a credible unique agent for change in a crowded fintech environment.

In partnership with RBK, the teams created DO Black, the first carbon emission limit credit card, an innovative solution addressing the climate crisis. It’s the first card with a CO2-emission limit, stopping you from overspending, not based on available funds but on the impact caused by your consumption. The innovation combines three functions: The ability to measure the impact of every transaction (Åland Index), the set CO2-emission limit calculated per country/capita, and the payment system integration of CO2-emission limit overriding the accounts financial credit level.

DO:Black won a Grand Prix at the 2019 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

The card was launched DO Black with placement only in earned media and with partners communication. It took off. What we discovered is that DO Black scales with ease and CO2-limit per country is calculated with public data connected to the global platform of Mastercard.​

Through providing this helpful solution Doconomy successfully built awareness with an earned media reach of 20,000,000+ and keynotes at sustainability/fintech summits worldwide.

While the long-term outcome is to reduce 50% of CO2-emissions consumption by 2030, more than 40 banks from all over the world are already in contact to discuss collaborations/white label solutions.

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