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NORAD - Communicating Norway’s Foreign Aid Efforts

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) works to ensure effective foreign aid, with quality assurance and evaluation. Norway is currently the world largest contributor of foreign aid, yet little Norwegians know this.

Gambit Hill+Knowlton Strategies has been working with Norad to communicate their efforts throughout the world since 2012. H+K develops creative campaigns that raise awareness of Norway's foreign aid contribution and of the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs) and what Norad is doing to support them. The team based in Oslo have worked on a number of high profile, award winning, campaigns that have included:

The Enlightenment trail – The World’s Most Beautiful Night Trek:

We created a 4,4 kilometer long illuminated trail to the top of Norway’s most beautiful mountain. The trail consisted of 17 unique light installations – each representing one of the UN sustainability goals. 5000 people from all over the country participated. Videos had over 2 million views within a week as well as broad media coverage and SDGs awareness increased by 8%. H+K is currently expanding on the campaign in 2018 to continue to highlight Norad’s work and raise awareness of SDGs.

Born Again

A two-part digital campaign: "NM i bistand" received nearly 22,000 registered users and 1,760 schools entered the competition. Secondly, "Bli født ny” - a digital campaign allowed the user to be born again with a new Facebook timeline inspired by one of the developing countries Norway cooperates with. During the promotion period of ten weeks, 90,000 Norwegians took part.

Save The Tropical House

We created R.E.D.D.. A Tropical House DJ-duo terrified that deforestation would kill their livelihood; tropical house. To save it, they challenged young Norwegians to become their featuring DJ and finish the song they couldn’t. Through social media and various influencers, we invited them into a unique gaming experience. Over 100 000 in the target group visited the campaign site and gained knowledge about the rainforest. The number of young Norwegians who mention saving the rainforest as an important initiative, increased with 600%.


Research showed that games increase learning by 40%, so H+K decided on a cypher game that the audience could immerse themselves in and learn about Norwegian development cooperation (NDC). Together with a famous cryptographer we created a story that blurred the line between fiction and reality. Celebrities were woven into the story to give players hints along the way. We also "hacked" Norway’s most famous blog. 20% of the target group reached and positive attitudes increasing by 36%.

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